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Since 2004, Coastal Accounting & Bookkeeping has been working with businesses and individuals alike in and around North County's business community to balance their books and to achieve success. We're a small business with a team of smart, dynamic and experienced staffers. Our expertise and knowledge has been gained working for mid-sized private and public accounting firms. Our small business mentality combined with our big business expertise provides duo benefits. First it allows us to form closer relationships with our clients to more intimately know what their needs are. And, secondly, we can do this while offering a highly professional range of financial services.

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We work in a paperless environment in the cloud, which allows us to work with you in the most cost-effective manner, while being accessible to you from virtually anywhere. Ultimately it is for these reasons, combined with our ‘work harder’ mentality that our clients’ trust in us continues to grow and prosper with us year after year.